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Liz Chidester


Represented by Shirley Hamilton Inc.

Firebrand Theatre Company Member

Current Project: Chicago Children’s Theatre - Red Kite’s ‘Green MountaiN’ as Mountain Music Lady Liz


Recent Project: Cabinet of Curiosity’s ‘Tabletop TRAGEDIES’ as Musician/Composer


Past Project: Firebrand Theatre's ‘LIZZIE: The Musical’ starring as Lizzie

But Bussert makes it (Firebrand Theatre’s LIZZIE) work — her most potent weapon is a killer, no-holds-barred performance from Chidester that’s as forceful as anything you can see on a Chicago stage at present, a performance that’s supported vocally and emotionally on three sides.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Past PROJECT: American Blues Theatre's 'Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story’ as vi petty

Winner of 5 Equity Jeff Awards! Including Best Mid-Size Musical, Best Ensemble, Best Director, Best Music Director, and Best Lead in a Musical!

The show traces Holly’s life (...) the contributions of Petty’s sassy, musically gifted wife, Vi (the terrific Liz Chidester, in a total comic turnabout from her recent role as Lizzie Borden)...
— PBS WTTW Chicago Tonight

Past Project: Chicago Children’s Theatre’s ‘Frederick’ as Sunny the mouse


Past Project: Refuge Theatre project's Jeff award winning 'high fidelity' as laura

I was blown away by the production (Refuge Theatre Project’s HIGH FIDELITY) and especially Liz’s performance. Number 5 With A Bullet was an absolute tour de force, as was Kurt Cobain.
— Tom Kitt
Chidester, by contrast, has a fierce determinism and sad, graceful elegance which never admits affectation.
— Around the Town Chicago
Our leading lady Laura, brought to life by Liz Chidester, is a wonder. Just as Rob craves more of her, so do we the audience. She is part Pat Benatar, part Stevie Nicks, all Liz Chidester. “Number 5 With A Bullet,”, backed by an all-girl group, killed everyone in the audience before resurrecting them nanoseconds later for fear they’d miss something. And yet there is a tremendous ache and sensitivity to Laura, a woman at wit’s end with her boyfriend and struggling with so much unseen. She was tremendous.
— Chicagoland Musical Theatre